Theatre of the Mind ~ Biogenesis

1. For all the casual watchers, Dr. Dana Scully will explain everything that's happened up to now: In the beginning, there was the Earth, ocean, single-celled organisms, 1st Extinction. Clouds, desert, plants, insects, 2nd Extinction. Sunsets, reptiles, 3rd Extinction. Dinosaurs, birds, fish, flowering plants, 4th and 5th Extinctions. "Fight the Future" cavemen, embryos, cave paintings, God and the Bible, Columbus, Apollo 11 (think keychain), DNA helix. Great cities and speeding cars, lots and lots of people. All derived from one cell. Very crowded in there. All leading up to episode 6X22. Let's see, did that pretty much cover everything?

2. Oh a couple more things. The heavens, lightning, deserts, oceans, the 6th Extinction. Hey, I thought that was next season?

3. The movie score should be the 7th Extinction. Don't get me wrong, I love it; but Mark, you've used it to death in Season 6. You need to work on some new music, hon. Call that Moby guy.

4. Ooo, this is like one of those giant 3-D jigsaw puzzles. Hey, that's just cheating!

5. I've never seen one, but yup, I'd say that's a sign from God, all right.

6. Genesis 1:28. - "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth."

7. "Biogenesis" - The principle that living organisms develop only from other living organisms and not from nonliving matter.

8. American U looks just like UCLA. I guess all Universities look alike. (Actually, to get permission to shoot at UCLA, the XF gave a $20,000 scholarship to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to be used to pay for the education of a graduate student from overseas. To apply, candidates must write a summary of one of CC's Carterlogues using fewer words than he does. J/K.)

9. I don't trust this guy communing with the monkeys one little bit.

10. Good thing they didn't try to take the artifact away in customs. God'll get ya for that.

11. Unfortunately, this episode rates several demerits from me. First Demerit: Mulder or Scully don't appear for nearly 13 minutes. (Sorry, I don't count the voiceover.) Is this some cruel 1013 joke or something?

12. Panspermia - The theory that microorganisms or biochemical compounds from outer space are responsible for originating life on earth and possibly in other parts of the universe where suitable atmospheric conditions exist. From the Greek for mixture of all seeds.

13. Gee willikers! Those "looks" and those little "verbal jabs." They are flirting right there under Skinner's nose!

14. TWC1: If I was trapped in that little elevator box with that gorgeous hunk of man ... well, I just couldn't be held responsible for my actions. That hair, that suit. Lord. Have. Mercy.

15. "I'm just a hired gun for the FBI." Once again, reminds me of the blooper reels! :::sigh:::

16. Does anyone really move all the way across the elevator when more people get on, especially when you bump into the people getting on? I don't think so. But when the camera is on the other side, you do what you gotta do.

17. Love the almost dream-like look on DD's face when he's hearing the voices and can't concentrate on Scully's. Nice touch. (Rob Bowman who directed this ep said that DD was "distracted" during its filming because of his anxiety at the imminent arrival of his first child. But it actually worked well, since Mulder was supposed to be in a state of distraction for most of the episode.)

18. All the people are thinking: "Why'd we have to get on the elevator with Mr. & Mrs. Spooky?"

19. She thinks he doesn't want to hear her, but he's quick to try and point out that he *couldn't* hear.

20. TWC2: When he exits that elevator and stands looking back at Scully, just let me say: Holy. Flaming. Cow. Oh. My. Gawd. I. Am. Speechless.

21. "Mulder, look. After all you've done, after all you've uncovered ... you've won. What more could you possibly hope to do or to find?" "My sister." I think this is the most poignant moment ever on the XF, and kudos to DD for making it so with his voice and that little nod of his head. You can just feel Mulder's sorrow and his disappointment that he has to remind Scully that what it has *always* been about for him was finding his sister, and this is the one thing that remains undone. And kudos to GA too for clearly demonstrating that Scully feels like a heel for momentarily forgetting this important detail. My heart breaks for both of them.

22. Good thing we have shadowy figures on the roof watching M&S from above and don't need close-ups, cause IMHO, that ain't DD and GA walking across the campus courtyard.

23. I'm not psychic but I knew Dr. Barnes was bad news from the get-go. Mulder's catching up with me.

24. MSRM: Once Mulder leaves the room, Scully's not paying a bit of attention. Her thoughts are only of Mulder and that something is terribly wrong. The MSRM is actually scattered in bits and pieces throughout this episode rather than in one lump sum, but you get the picture.

25. I don't want to tell you your business, Scully, but you should check for fever by kissing his forehead.

26. The return of Chuck Burks. Haven't seen Chuck since "Leonard Betts." (And, sheesh, now even Chuck calls him Fox.)

27. Looks like they found a new projector screen (and overhead projector) after "Field Trip."

28. I think the fact that they share a smile after the "I thought this was *MY* office" comment implies that there's a private joke between them. (And it seems Mulder's been busy with perfecting his skills for the 2000 Ceiling Pencil Toss Olympics in *his* office again!)

29. I think this Magic Square has Mulder's name on it.

30. TWC3: Woo hoo! I think anybody who is right 98.9 percent of the time deserves to celebrate by lofting his arms in the air triumphantly!

31. Does anyone else feel that Mulder's sudden condition might have been brought on by the fact that he has had Flowbee Hair all season, and now he has this big, lush head of hair? Maybe it's just me.

32. You know Mulder doesn't feel well when he overlooks an opportunity for sexual innuendo. "I'll go home to bed if you'll come with me, Scully."

33. If you thought Mulder could leap before, just watch out now that he's got the power. He'll be able to solve the cases before the first commercial (leaving more time for MSR! Woo-hoo!).

34. They got Silver Spring right this time.

35. More movie music. Isn't that extinct yet?

36. Luggage tags are very convenient, but is there even an airport in Gallup, New Mexico?

37. Thanks for reminding those who might have just joined us who Albert Hosteen was. (Except I laugh every time because, Albert Hosteen, the World War II code-talker sounds like Snoopy the World War II flying ace.)

38. Demerit No. 2: Scully not packing latex? Yeah, right. There's a better chance of her having David Crosby's baby.

39. Don't you think that smell would have permeated the whole apartment by now? And it's a good thing the FBI is there to clean up after cops who don't even check the trash compactor. (But it warms my little agricultural heart to know that they captured the fly "day-players" used in this scene at a local dairy farm.)

40. Demerit No. 3: They refer to it as CGR (Cosmic Galactic Radiation) when it is more commonly referred to as GCR (Galactic Cosmic Radiation). (Okay, I really thought they just made it up and I checked.)

41. I love how whenever Mulder acts weird Skinner immediately asks Scully what he's talking about or what's wrong with him. The poor boy just can't concentrate! (He's worried about Tea and baby!)

42. And they call themselves Federal Agents. Even *I* can see Skinner peeking through his office door. He *is* spying on them. That 98.9 percent accuracy ratio is improving by the minute.

43. Skinner's little spycam needs the lens cleaned.

44. So the events in "S.R. 819" have lead us to this. Skinner under Krycek's Palm Pilot thumb.

45. I have gone off the deep end. I even find myself missing Krycek now. I loved to hate him the most.

46. Demerit No. 4: What's with that weird camera thing? I think they were supposed to use slow-mo in that shot in the hospital corridor, but had to speed it up for time. Makes it look very weird.

47. Albert dying! :::sniff::: I sure hope he got honored with the rest of the WWII Code Talkers recently.

48. TWC4: Mulder, you promised to go home to bed, but I forgive you, since you changed into that lovely casual outfit. And the shot when he's closing the file cabinets? HFC runner-up.

49. Funny that Mulder and the monkeys share a strange reaction to the artifact. I'm not sure what that says about Mulder. Or the monkeys. But I was definitely having "Erlenmeyer Flaskbacks" (LOL).

50. Oh my poor baby, collapsing in pain! Love the cut from Mulder to Scully as they both have their hands over their eyes in similar gestures with big artifact-size headaches.

51. Thanks for that Scully ear close-up. Fond memories of the Bionic Woman ensued.

52. Dr. Sandoz, I presume. I liked your bow ties so much better.

53. TWC5: Oh the pain! The agony! (Probably because he is hearing that music from "Teliko" in the background-now you've gone too far, Mark Snow!) But he looks so good. Can't help it. I love that Mulder!Torture! And don't you touch him, you Rat Bastard!!

54. Not sure I exactly understand the Krycek/Barnes connection. But then again, I've never understood Krycek's motives and I see no reason to try and start at this late date.

55. The artifact contains the Genesis 1:28 passage? I told you, when God sends a sign, He don't mess around.

56. Do you think the spinning artifact in any way relates to the spinning vertebrae in "Existence"? It reminds me of that. And that just came to me. Like a voice in my head. Oh, oh.

57. Scully, now you have to kiss Dr. Sandoz. Spin the Artifact isn't so hot with only two players!

58. Demerit No. 5: A woman finally gets to put Mulder to bed and it's *not* Scully! (Actually, I think I would have preferred that Krycek brought him home to bed!) And Demerit No. 5A: The Fowl One just appears out of the clear blue sky having been last seen escaping the alien barbecue in "One Son"? For what purpose? I think I know.

59. TWC6: But, oh, that bedhead!! Hoo boy!

60. GPM: They give good phone even when they're arguing. And I got to hear Scully say, "That is science fiction." She hasn't said that in a while.

61. Go ahead and prove him wrong, Scully, but remember you only have a

1.1 percent chance.

62. The Fowl One and CSM: So sad to watch good phone go bad.

63. Demerit No. 6: Do I really believe that Mulder called The Fowl One in his sorry state? Not on your life. That leaves only *one* person who could have made that call and his initials are AK. So what is his relationship to Fowley? Is she *everyone's* little chickadee? And then she calls CSM, so is she double-crossing Krycek or are they all in it together? An Unholy Trinity, as it were? I don't really expect any answers, but I'll ask the questions anyway.

64. Demerit No. 7: The Fowl One taking off her shirt! What makes you think I would want to see that? And do you really think Mulder's *up* for that kind of activity, if you get my drift? Playing the Fowley card here just lays an egg, IMBO.

65. Let me sum up Scully's next voiceover in fewer words: The question is: Did homo sapiens evolve naturally, or was our genetic makeup affected by otherwordly influences? Were extraterrestrial forces at work in mankind's creation? If this were true, it would mean there was a scientific basis to the search for extraterrestrials - a melding of both Mulder's and Scully's beliefs. (And CC said this "melding" is where the series is going in Season 7.) (And I can apply for the UCLA scholarship! J/K again.)

66. Nice Scully moment as she will not enter the Navajo ceremony out of respect for their beliefs.

67. Memories of the Blessing Way/ Salad Bar!Mulder. Actually, the ceremony in progress here is the Emergence Way, the proper Navajo ceremony for a dying man.

68. Cellular service in the desert! That's impressive.

69. Mulder in jeopardy! Say no more. She'll get there faster than she got to Rhode Island in "Demons."

70. Dr. Sandoz asks Scully not to let anyone know where he is ... right after he heard her tell Skinner she was in Gallup, New Mexico, with Dr. Sandoz. Isn't that sort of like locking the barn door after the horse has gone to Gallup, New Mexico? (No pun intended.)

71. I know those little nanocytes are zipping around in your bloodstream, Walt, but you *should* feel guilty.

72. I'd know the click of those heels anywhere. And so would Skinner.

73. Called her Dana ... holds her hand ... this is *VERY* bad news. Or perhaps a tip off ... hmmm.

74. Kudos to GA for great acting without uttering a word; the look she gives The Fowl One when first entering the observation room; the look when she sees Mulder pacing on the screen; and another great sideways glance when The Fowl One implies she spent the night with Mulder.

75. TWC7: Certifiable, but lovely Rubber Room Hair, and barefoot! Couldn't we get a better view of that short hospital gown to tide us over the summer?

76. A danger to everyone but her. You'd better believe it, doc.

77. My heart breaks right alongside Scully's when he screams her name: "SCULLLLEEEE!" His fingers in his mouth, his eyes in pain looking up as though he senses her there. Our last Season 6 image of Mulder.

78. All this might have started when they got the case, but *I* know what pushed Mulder over the edge. Oh yes, I know there were spoilers about stun guns and what not, but what *really* sent Mulder into a state of non-catatonic schizophrenia was seeing The Fowl One in her brassiere. That would propel anyone right into the looney bin. I know it sure scared me.

79. Oops, Skinner; open mouth, insert foot. Though deep down, I've always felt Skinner made that slip-up on purpose to warn Scully not to trust Diana.

80. I love Cut!To!The!Chase!Scully: "Why were you with him last night?" Not really jealousy, just telling it like it is.

81. "You're a liar. You're both liars." You go, girl.

82. Hold on, Albert. If you're gong to be visited by all the people who have died on the XF, you've got a long night ahead of you.

83. Seems as if Dr. Sandoz has "emerged" with an artifact epiphany.

84. Scully hasn't worked on the XF for six years and not learned a thing or two about paranoia. She zeroes in on that smoke alarm in a matter of seconds. (Though I guess given what happened to the XF at the end of last season, an extra smoke alarm is a good safety measure!)

85. Since you already blabbed where Dr. Sandoz was, I think a secure line is a moot point.

86. Boy those aliens are pretty darn clever. Providing us with a map of our human genetic makeup. And you don't even have to fold it!

87. Krycek: The All Purpose Hit Man for Every Occasion!

88. Go ahead and talk to Scully, Alex. You know you want to.

89. Okay, I am seriously worried about Scully's sense of fashion. I'm glad she's out of her two-year black phase, but *this* is the outfit she picks to go human genome artifact hunting in deepest, darkest Africa? She needs to get herself a safari type outfit ... sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. At least get it hemmed next time!

90. At a time like this, I can only think of one thing to say: Scully, I think you found your bleepin' UFO.

91. Since Scully is actually *standing* on this UFO, I certainly hope when Season 7 starts she doesn't backtrack to "The Beginning" as it were and forget that it ever happened. And I really hope she brought along some bee repellent, just in case. But just to be on the safe side, I'd better bear in mind that old Scully motto: "Been there, debunked that."

92. The Consortium is Dead! Long Live the New Mythology! To be continued ...

One other sweet little note about this episode: XF management was prepared to suspend filming to accommodate the birth of David and Tea's first child, but it proved to be unnecessary as Madelaine West Duchovny was born on April 24, 1999, two days after the filming of Fox Mulder's final scene in "Biogenesis."

And with that, Season 6 is history, taking us from a disappointing "Beginning" to finish strong with episodes like "Milagro," "The Unnatural," "Field Trip," and "Biogenesis." But more on that in the Season 6 TOTM Summary, which will be up next; and then it will be time to start Season 7 - The Season of Lurve! I think I'll be able to handle it. After all - "You know me. This is right up my twisted little alley."

Apologies, apologies, apologies. To everyone but the Fowl One. And her brassiere. I still haven't fully recovered.