Theatre of the Mind ~ Triangle

1. Letterbox Format = Very Special Episode.

2. "Triangle" is Chris Carter's homage to two films. First, Alfred Hitchcock's 1948 thriller, "Rope," which was shot in single, fluid takes with the cameraman following the action as it unfolds before him. Second, the 1939 classic "The Wizard of Oz," where a young girl "ditches" her mundane life in Kansas to have an adventure and to seek out what might be "over the rainbow"; to see if the truth might be out there, as it were. Of course, along the way in her "dream" world she meets people from her "real" world who look the same but have different names and different personalities. Can you spot all "The Wizard of Oz" (TWOO) references? Let's see how well I do.

3. OZ1: Mulder's boat that seems to be blown to smithereens is The Lady Garland (for Judy Garland, who played Dorothy in TWOO.

4. What an actor DD is! Look at the way he just *floats* there! The bubbles are a nice touch.

5. OZ2: Tagline change Die Wahrheit Ist Irgendwo Da Drauben (rough translation The Truth is Somewhere Out There - somewhere over the rainbow, perhaps?).

6. Whew! He's rescued! I was getting worried there for a minute. But who are these guys?

7. Where are the BIG ASS flashlights when you need them?

8. You kick him again, and I'm betting Scully will come and kick your ass!

9. Never heard of the FBI? Gee, it's in the news a lot lately!

10. "Deutschland Uber Alles" (Germany over all) are the opening words of the first stanza of the German National Anthem.

11. OZ3: The ship's captain is Y. Harburg, named for TWOO lyricist, Yip Harburg.

12. Hey, what did I say about smacking my boy around? You're gonna pay for that when Scully gets there.

13. TWC1: Oooh, those waggling eyebrows (two episodes in a row).

14. Bermuda Shorts: Mulder says the ship is in The Devil's Triangle, the vast three-sided segment of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It didn't receive its most famous nickname, The Bermuda Triangle, until 1964.

15. I don't think you should use "blow" and "White House" in the same sentence.

16. OZ4: Captain Harburg tells Mulder it's 1939, the year that TWOO was released.

17. I'm sure showing them your watch will convince them you're right, Mulder.

18. Mulder thinks this trip is freaking unbelievable (I seem to remember that Dorothy was kind of happy to be in Oz for a while, too but that didn't last long).

19. Oh sh . . . I thought we got past that in the movie.

20. Continuous shots means no stunt doubles, so better to keep the scuffling in the shadows.

21. Spender? What's that little weasel doing there?

22. It's that famous trio no, not the Lone Gunmen Patti, Maxine & Laverne (The Andrews Sisters) singing, "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen."

23. TWC2: Holy Flaming Cow! What this man can do for a uniform (even a Nazi uniform at that; and did you get a glimpse of him in that uniform in the "Evolution" trailer? Woo-Freakin'-Hoo!). There's only one more thing I can say: Bei mir bist du schoen, please let me explain, Bei mir bist du schoen means you're grand. Bei mir bist du schoen, again I'll explain. It means you're the fairest in the land.

24. Chasing Mulder scene - in his uniform. Drool!!

25. OZ5: The band playing in the ballroom is Elmira Gulch and the Lollipop Guild. Elmira Gulch was the name of the "real" version of the Wicked Witch of the West; and the Lollipop Guild helped welcome Dorothy to Oz, much as this version is welcoming Mulder to the Queen Anne.

26. I *am* thankful that Fowley wasn't among the 1939 flashbackees. Just think, instead of Kersh's assistant we could have had the FowlOne in another film homage as Lili Von Schtupp, in her black leather outfit, complete with riding crop, crooning "I'm Tired."

27. Scully! You're supposed to help him, not threaten to smack him around too!

28. TWC3: Isn't it cute the way he lifts his cap to convince 1939!Scully that it's him?

29. It's nice to know that Scully is a strong, independent, feisty, and capable woman no matter what era she's in. And she looks fabulous and beautiful in that dress, makeup, and hairstyle.

30. That's Kersh's assistant all right. Traitor.

31. You Nazi's don't know nothin'. You think boppin' him on the head is gonna hurt him? I think not.

32. Dragging Mulder scene - in his uniform. Drool!!

33. Evil returns as evil. You Cigarette Smoking Nazi (CSN).

34. TWC4: Just love that hissing, "Yooouuuu." Flowbee hair fits right in here, too.

35. No sprechen. Guess Mulder put all his energies into learning Spanish. He did get from "noho on the rojo" to "Manos de Piedra."

36. It's 1939!Skinner. He's a Nazi, but he keeps them from shooting Mulder. Some things never change.

37. Interesting tidbit: Mitch Pileggi is the only one among the regular X-Files cast members who really does speak German.

38. Well, Scully finally got a desk.

39. How'd those guys get in there? I guess they wandered away from their tour.

40. The Queen Anne vanished without a trace? Nothing vanishes without a trace.

41. So Scully didn't know where he'd gone? I guess you can take the boy out of the ditch, but you can't take the ditch out of the boy.

42. Who knew that in this episode Langly and Frohike would give us cryptic Season 8 advice? L: "Without good data, all we can do is wait and hope for the best." F: "Yeah, but expect the worst."

43. Doesn't anyone else think it's creepy that Skinner's secretary looks just like Scully? Ewww.

44. Believe me, Scully, if he won't do it for *you*, he won't do it for anybody. The man's got it bad.

45. He's not allowed to have *any* contact with them? I think that's sad.

46. She's getting to him with that courtesy/decency/respect stuff. I can tell. Well, maybe not.

47. "Use your head, Scully. It'll save your ass." "Save your own ass, sir. You'll save your head along with it." Boy, that message was pretty clear. She loves Mulder, not you, Walt. Sorry.

48. These FBI secretaries are one protective bunch. I guess all the FBI women are.

49. Kersh with CSM! I knew that guy was no good! Hey, wait a minute. Is this part of Mulder's dream too? Or is this part really happening?

50. In case I haven't mentioned it recently, GA is a pretty fine actress. With her *back* to the camera, she conveys very convincingly just how disgusted she is with herself for being so foolish as to go to Kersh for help. What was she thinking?

51. She's gone from Mama!Bear Scully to Smoking!Gun Scully. And I thought I was the only one who thought Spender was a weasel!

52. I guess Scully hasn't heard that old adage about catching more flies with honey than with vinegar.

53. Scully just needs a little more practice to work out that FowlOne impression.

54. No, Scully, *Spender* is the weasel. *Krycek* is the rat bastard.

55. GPM: Well, she *thinks* it might be Mulder on the phone. And you can just hear the angst!

56. Aww, Skinner came through after all. And Scully is *very* grateful. Very, *very* grateful.

57. If this is part of Mulder's dream, what does that mean? And if this is *not* part of Mulder's dream . . . well, I don't even want to think about what it means.

58. Skinner comes out of his post-kiss-bliss long enough to block Spender's path. Good move!

59. The LGM in a VW bus. That's a good one.

60. Back to 1939 - Marching Mulder scene - out of his uniform in gray tee shirt. Drool!!

61. Pearl Harbor. I've heard of that. That's another big summer movie, right?

62. Thor's Hammer, was not the name of America's pre-World War II atomic research product. It's literary license only. But Mulder trust no one, mon.

63. If Kersh wants to go back to Jamaica, I say good riddance to bad rubbish!!

64. Second dragging Mulder scene - more gray tee and a little nekkid Mulder tummy. Drool!!

65. Two shots here that are chock full of deep imagery: Mulder kneeling at Spender's feet; and the family portrait of CSM, Spender, and Mulder.

66. TWC5: Hoo-boy! No one ever looked so good while playing Puddintame.

67. It's somewhat comforting to know that Spender is a weasel no matter what the era.

68. Mulder is done playing dumb when 1939!Scully is threatened. He'd do anything for Scully, even if it really isn't even her.

69. You know that box that GA usually stands on when filming these scenes? She ain't standing on it.

70. Actually, it would have been quite impossible for 1939!Scully to be an agent of the O.S.S. The Office of Strategic Services, direct forerunner of the C.I.A., was started after the U.S. entered World War II.

71. Mulder's grasp of the German language is improving. So is his "grasp" of something else, as he manages to almost grab Scully's breast as he's forced to his knees.

72. If they have to die, I'm glad they're together. Well, sort of. You know what I mean.

73. Searching Scully & Gunmen scene - they should have brought the Big Ass Flashlights. Drool!!

74. Running Mulder & 1939!Scully scene - and they're holding hands. Drool!!

75. Skinner to the rescue again, even in 1939. Drool!!

76. What a seamless crossover as the two Scully's cohabitate for just a second and can psychically "feel" each other's presence. Excellent!

77. Great time to give kudos where kudos are due: (1) to the Queen Mary for doing a fabulous job of portraying the Queen Anne - lovely interiors on that ship; and (2) to Mark Snow for his fantastic score. He does a great job throughout, but the swing music is awesome, and then the change to the creepy and haunting melody as Scully & the Boys enter the vacant ballroom is wonderful. Great job all around.

78. Mulder uses his best scientific arguments but that's not working with *this* Scully . . .

79. . . . so he tries another means of persuasion.

80. TWC6: WOW! What a kiss! I think it's safe to say that the boy *wants* to kiss the real thing. That damn bee. But I digress . . . This scene only needs one thing: the BIG ASS FLASHLIGHTS! It's too damn dark! This might be the only kiss we ever get, dammit, and we want to see it!!

81. Pow! Right in the kisser! Figuratively and literally. You don't know what you're missing, hon.

82. "Mulder, it's me." (This is the GPM without the phone.)

83. Would you look at those biceps? Good golly, the boy's been working out!

84. OZ6: "You were there." And of course Skinner's "Me and my dog, Toto," is a direct reference.

85. I am slightly confused by Skinner here. He was afraid to even talk to Scully, and now he trotted down to Bermuda with the Scooby gang and he even brought flowers? Now I'm *sure* part of this is a dream . . . I just don't know which part.

86. TWC7: Isn't it cute how Mulder taps Scully with his finger while trying to convince her that she saved the world?

87. I thought Skinner wasn't responsible for Mulder any more, but he's going to kick his butt? I'm not sure who Skinners lusts after more . . . Moose or Squirrel (LOL).

88. MSRM: What else could it be? This scene between them is so sweet. (Starting with the beautiful piano variation on the XF theme just about my favorite little snippet of Mark Snow music! Bravo!) From Mulder being in awe that Scully believed him, to Scully's teasing him like a little boy, to their long gaze into one another's eyes, to Mulder's heartfelt "I love you." Even Scully's, "Oh, brother," didn't kill the mood (I think she just didn't want to take advantage of him in his drugged state). Then we had Mulder's sweet touch to his jaw where 1939!Scully gave him that "love tap," and finally to his oh-so-goofy grin remembering his own kiss bliss. I think with this episode, and this scene in particular, it's pretty apparent that the 'ship has finally come in. And I'm not talking about the Queen Anne.

89. OZ7: So, like Dorothy, Mulder enacted an international ditch and went off to have a great adventure. But also like Dorothy, he learned a very important lesson: that if he ever has to go looking for his heart's desire again, he needn't look any further than his own backyard. Because it's right there standing beside him every day. And it's important to remember that even though you should "Trust no one," you should also remember that "There's no place like home."

"Triangle" was probably CC's last best bid for an Emmy. He got a Director's Guild nomination, but no Emmy; and that's too bad, cause I think he deserved one. Television is about being entertained, and I think this was one of the most entertaining hours of television I've ever seen. Not to mention all the technical stuff that was very impressive. It's an episode that holds up well viewing after viewing, and each time I see it I'm more astounded that a television series in its sixth season would still be finding fresh and innovative ways to tell its stories. To me, this episode was also the point where the 'ship started to make a definite turn. Chris Carter had always told me that there would never be any relationship between Mulder & Scully besides platonic friendship, and I tended to believe him, even though I saw subtle evidence of so much more. With the events of this episode, CC tips his hand that he just might be ready, willing, and able to move forward with what he started in the movie. It's not gonna happen overnight. It might take, oh, a couple of years or so. But we'll get there, slowly but surely. I'm positive of it. And if at the end of this week I'm proven wrong and Mulder & Scully shake hands, wish each other good luck, and head off in different directions to separately start their lives anew, well then you *know* what my reaction will be: "Oh, brother."

I don't care what you do or who you do or who you have to grease. You *will* accept my apologies or so help me God . . .