Theatre of the Mind ~ Hungry

1. It's the season of California Dreaming, with the first of 8 episodes set totally or in part in California.

2. Writer Vince Gilligan set this episode in Costa Mesa, CA, because his brother Pat lives there.

3. Would you eat at a place with a mascot that looks like "Lucky Boy"?

4. I don't think this guy would know a grandfather clause from Santa Claus. (And I really don't think it's a good idea to antagonize the guy that you can't see who is handling your food.)

5. Supersize double patty, with cheese, and supersize fries. And a diet Sprite. Gotta watch those calories.

6. The heavy metal that Hungry Guy is listening to comes from a band called Unearthed. One of the musicians in the band was dating producer Paul Rabwin's daughter.

7. "Stop spanking it ..."? And I thought that headset thing kept your hands free for a whole different reason!

8. Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us ... well, most of the time, they don't.

9. The burger joint was originally supposed to be called "Burgerlishious," but the Lucky Boy sign couldn't be moved, so voila! Lucky Boy. Once this episode aired, I bet they had to adopt a new slogan: Over One Billion Served, Only a Few Murdered.

10. Vince's Holly Reference: Lucky Boy's manager's name is Mr. Rice (Vince's girlfriend's last name). And another worker's name is Lucy, Holly's real first name.

11. TWC1: Badges? They don't need no stinkin' badges! Woo-hoo!!

12. Wow, Scully's hair is long again! How'd she grow it out so fast?

13. Behind The Scenes: While "Hungry" was the third episode shown, it was the first episode filmed in Season 7, primarily because when filming on the show resumed, DD and GA were unavailable for a full shooting schedule. They were both still putting the finishing touches on their summer film projects. They were available for only a combined total of two days of filming for "Hungry." There were some scenes where M&S are together, but DD and GA were not even on the set the same day. It's all done through camera tricks and the use of doubles.

14. Why does everyone have their button for "Free Fer Friday" in their pockets on Monday? Haven't they washed their uniforms since Friday?

15. Derwood Spinks is named for Vince's sixth grade teacher, Derwood Guthrie and world heavyweight boxing champion Leon Spinks.

16. Wow, I never get reception that clear through the drive-thru speaker.

17. I'd say Mulder knows a thing or two about brain surgery.

18. And Mulder knows a thing or two about prominent proboscises too. (I'd like to think he knows a thing or two about tongue also, but that's a thought for another story.)

19. I like Scully's little grin as she listens to his theory; she's so happy to have him back!

20. You'd be squeamish and mistake ground beef for brains too if you'd just had part of your brain scooped out.

21. Oops, I think that stain is a little more serious than ring around the collar. Seriously, that's a lot of blood for a teeny, tiny brain-sucking hole, don't you think?

22. TWC2: Oh, Fox, we *love* to see you smile.

23. Yes, Mulder, sometimes girlfriends *do* clean your apartment. (wink, wink)

24. The Power of Pine Sol ... the smell of clean.

25. Oh, oh. Rob, don't get mad, get Glad!

26. I think Mulder's better question would have been, "Where's the beef?"

27. It's good to know that all of that psychic leaping ability wasn't scooped out of Mulder's brain during his surgery. He already suspects Rob, but why? (Because he's right 98.9 percent of the time, 'member?)

28. Mmmm, it's finger lickin' good.

29. Double your pleasure, double your fun. It's Steve Kiziak, Duchovny's double!

30. An employee assistance program? Employees of Lucky Boy are lucky boys (and girls) indeed. Probably doesn't pay much, but a great benefits package!

31. I'm thinking that tooth loss problem is caused by too much gum.

32. Repeat after me, Rob: I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me!

33. Eww. Poor Steve. Hey, Rob, you want fries with that?

34. Rob sleeps on the couch and has a very familiar looking Indian blanket. Hmm.

35. They might make you wear a paper hat, Derwood, but remember those great benefits!

36. Sylvia should have said, "There was a guy parked in front of the building who looked just like David Duchovny!"

37. TWC3: Holy flaming cow! Love those rolled up shirtsleeves. And Winking!Mulder! Good to the last drop!

38. Rob Roberts is named for Vince's helicopter flight training instructor, who is also the morning traffic reporter in Richmond, Virginia. Psychiatrist Mindy Rinehart is named after the real-life Rob Roberts' wife.

39. Dr. Mindy, maybe you should ask Rob how do you spell relief?

40. Some monsters don't want to be monsters. They just are.

41. You don't actually have to *answer* the phone, Dr. Mindy. Did you ever think of that?

42. Rob looks like he's cooking up something special for an episode of "Fear Factor."

43. I've heard of Lee's Press-On Nails, but never Lee's Press-On Ears.

44. Sorry Derwood, but Rob's got to get every last morsel ... cause a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

45. I'd be willing to bet that Dr. Mindy hasn't encountered an eating disorder like Rob's.

46. The most handsome man in the world: Peter Jennings? I believe Mindy needs some professional help as well.

47. Bad time to try and amaze her with your Van Gogh impression.

48. Mulder says Derwood's car is gone, but I thought Derwood rode a motorcycle.

49. The Monster even gets the Mulderisms: "I'm sorry, but this is like good cop, insane cop."

50. Yahoo! The return of my favorite line! What is it? I think you know.

51. I feel much more certain that Rob's problems stem less from having an eating disorder and more from the fact that his name is Robert Roberts. What kind of parents would do that?

52. Cupcakes. Yum. Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' from the oven.

53. Rob might find a career doing motivational speeches for the Beef Council. He's whipping these folks into a frenzy! (Love the throbbing brain!)

54. Poor Sylvia. I think she is about to Head for the Border. Yo quiero Taco Bell.

55. I think Rob chose this neighborhood because they seem to pick up the trash every day. I guess that's necessary cause they only seem to have one trash can for the whole apartment building.

56. Rob, you gotta work on your swing, babe. Remember, it's "hips before hands."

57. Well, now I know exactly what they scooped out of Mulder's brain. All those FBI procedures that say you shouldn't pick up evidence (like a baseball bat) without any latex on. Maybe Mulder figured since Derwood's name was engraved on the bat, it was a no-brainer (no pun intended).

58. Steve, you sure look good on the brochure. Celebrate the moments of your life, hon.

59. TWC4: Hoo-boy. It's the real thing.

60. Dr. Mindy just wants to reach out and touch someone.

61. A "biological imperative" to eat. Looks like Rob was paying attention to the "insane cop" after all.

62. Awww, beauty tamed the savage beast (even though he doesn't look like Peter Jennings).

63. TWC5: Mulder and Scully arrive in the nick of time and looking fine. Always send Moose & Squirrel when you care enough to send the very best. (I guess they left all those cops who were blowing their sirens warning the suspect that they were on their way outside.)

64. Oh my God! A Scully "Oh my God," in the same episode with an, "I think you know." I love this retro storytelling!

65. Rob sadly chooses suicide by cop because he doesn't want to be the monster that he has become. You've come a long way, baby.

66. Now that M&S have solved the case of the Lucky Boy Killer, they can get to work on something *really* important: The McDonald's Monopoly Game Scandal. I guess Mulder has been right all along. If you can't trust McDonald's, you can trust no one. (Is everyone sure they are getting two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun? I'd check next time if I were you.)

67. Vince wanted this episode to be told from the perspective of the monster. He wanted Mulder and Scully to be the antagonists instead of the protagonists. He wanted us all to feel empathy for the monster with the heart of gold and hope that M&S wouldn't show up in the end to take him down. "Hungry" only left me feeling one thing: Hungry for more Moose & Squirrel. Next time someone has the bright idea of saying to Mulder and Scully, "You deserve a break today," I hope someone else says, "Yeah, what's your point?"

Do you think I'll get any product placement money for this TOTM? I sure hope so. I worked very hard to get as many product references in there as I could. Oh, who am I kidding! I have to send apologies to all of you. What was I thinking? I couldn't take money for that. That would make me just another shill, sacrificing my art by selling out to Madison Avenue. Sorry. "I can't be something I'm not."

"Bon appetit."

Polly, off to cancel her cole slaw order