By Christine Leigh

Summary: Mulder POV during their first scene together.
Rating: G
Category: Vignette
Spoilers: Pilot

It begins with a knock. She's here.

"Sorry, nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted."

He's known about her for a month and had seen her image for the first time last week. Not bad, he'd thought. Not his type but not bad. His observations hold, he thinks, as her hand extends to his. Okay, very pretty.

Not that this matters.

Yeah, this definitely could be worse. If she were going to stick around, that is. And since he's adamant that that will not happen, he commences with How-To-Clear-An-Office-Of-Unasked-For-Partners and Spies 301. The professor is totally on his game, but the student isn't reacting predictably.

All right then, time to bring on the bells and whistles. It's a brilliant slide show, and for a moment he thinks he's got her - - out the door - - but, no go. Her gaze upon the screen, and then back to him, is steady and intense. Her eyes are very blue.

Not that this matters.

An elicitation, perhaps, will finish this.

"Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrials?"

Her response is thorough and contains no surprises. Her voice is rather musical in tone. Alto.

Not that this matters.

Maybe a field trip will do it.

"We leave for the very plausible state of Oregon at eight a.m."

No go, the sequel.

The smile she gives him before going lingers. 2 am on his couch, and he's still thinking about it. The shadows aren't what they were.

Not that this matters.

~ End ~

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