By Christine Leigh

Summary: Mulder POV during Red Museum. Written for X-Files Drabbles "Part of the Body" Challenge.
Rating: PG
Category: 110 words.
Spoilers: Red Museum

She prefers chicken, but had said yes to this place. Now he's reveling in the view. Their conversation hasn't differed much from all the other conversations in all the other restaurants, but tonight is different, somehow. Just a slight shift.

There's something about her tonight. The smudge beneath her normally luscious looking mouth has elevated it to delectable, and is giving him ideas. What would she do if he were to stand up, lean over and lick the spot clean? How would she react if he continued on to kiss her saucy, soft mouth?

He reached across the table and gently swiped at the smudge. She's never looked more adorable.

~ End ~

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