By Christine Leigh

Summary: Warm, cold, Scully. Written for X-Files Drabbles Weather Challenge.
Rating: G
Category: 157 words.
Spoilers: None.

It's beautiful tonight, and regardless of the vivid pink and blue streaks across the spring sky as the sun is setting, it would be. Rain could come in the next second and Mulder wouldn't mind. She's in his embrace and is the source of all things beautiful and desirable in his world. The feel of her skin touching his is thrilling, and mundane things like the weather no longer interest him. It's warm or it's cold -- it doesn't matter. He knows she chills easily, though, and there is another blanket in the car.

It was her suggestion to come to the park and sit on the grass to watch the sun set over the river -- the kind of thing he's done so little of in his life, but that he now plans on making a habit of. They've been lovers for nearly three weeks, and he's never been so happy. The forecast is Scully. Life is good.

~ End ~

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