And the World Stood Still (G)
Season seven - Valentine's Day. Canon through "Millennium." Diverges after that. Two perspectives on the holiday.
Beautiful Valentine (PG)
Season nine - Mulder and Scully manage to meet on Valentine's Day. A total flight of fancy.
The Color of April (PG)
Post-series. Scully remembers a difficult month. Written as DP penance for BtS.
The End of Summer (G)
Post-series - William POV.
False Requiem (PG-13)
Season two - Takes place after the teaser for One Breath, but before Scully's return.
Four Candles (G)
Post-series. A birtday celebration. The Girl Who Laughed at the Rain (G)
Post-series. Remembrance of things past.
Good-bye My Love (G)
Season eight - Scully POV. Takes place during the teaser for DeadAlive.
Good-bye To All That (PG)
Post-series - William comes home.
Good Night (G)
Post-series. Traveling through life and beyond; moving on. Contains implied character death.
Hooks (PG)
Season nine - A Christmas story.
Hope, Maybe (PG)
Post-series - The events of a day one year after William was given up for adoption.
Illumined (PG)
Season nine - Scully POV after Mulder has left.
In Heaven's Forest (G)
Post-series - Emily POV. Set during Christmas time.
The Last Scene (PG)
Season nine. A vision of the last scene between Mulder and Scully in the series finale. Script format.
May Rain (G)
Post-series. Scully POV on the eve of William's fifth birthday. Follows the canon of the series through "Requiem." Possible CD.
Mim (G)
Set in the future. A happy memory is shared.
Mother's Day (PG)
Post-series. Mother's Day events, present and past.
Mulder's Miracle (PG)
Season eight - Scully POV during the immediate weeks following Mulder's absence.
October Air (G)
Post-series. About three years or so down the road.
Once Again (PG)
Season nine - New Year's Eve 2001 in a familiar setting.
Pleasurable Indoor Activities (G)
Season seven. Rainy day chatter. Set after the events of all things and Jesouhaite, but before Requiem.
The Real Thing (PG)
A Valentine's Day vignette. Post-series. Third person POV.
The Road to Fresno (G)
Season one - Mulder's first birthday after he and Scully became partners.
Santa Scully (G)
Season one - Christmas time.
To Meet Again (PG)
Season nine - Mulder and Scully's farewell, for now. A vision of how they could have wrapped up nine years. The Truth did not happen here.
To Scully on Her 40th Birthday (G)
Post-series - Mulder writes a letter to Scully on the morning of her 40th birthday.
Unsentimental Journey (PG)
Scully POV spanning seasons one through eight.
The Visitor (G)
Post-series. Two POVs. Implied character death.
A World of Fragile Things (G)
Mulder looks back on a terrible, wonderful time in their lives. Birthday Fic - Written for Lidia from BtS on her birthday.