Strange Lullaby
By Christine Leigh

Summary: Following the events of Miracle Man.
Rating: G
Category: Vignette
Spoilers: Miracle Man

"And God never lets the Devil steal the show."

"You must have really liked 'The Exorcist'."

"One of my favorite movies."

The smile on her face as she says this isn't what Mulder expected. So, she's Catholic. Was? Practicing? Hard to tell. Another detail for the Dr. Scully record. He registers this fact before sinking back into the malaise that has gripped him all through this case.


After Samuel is murdered, and according to one witness still walking the earth, and they're on the plane home, he's wearier and quieter than he's been since they started this odd-couple partnering. He knows what he saw in Tennessee, but doesn't know how it fits. He is not a seeker of miracles. Next to him she is typing with a precise rhythm and it lulls him. He starts to drift, but keeps coming back. Apparently, she believes. In God. Once again, he thinks, not at all what he expected.


"Never what?"

"The Devil, winning. Stealing the show."

She smiles. It's a version of the one from the hospital corridor, but smaller. She keeps typing as she answers.


So certain. At the moment he finds comfort in that, so he closes his eyes.

It can't last.

~ End ~

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