Tough Times
By Christine Leigh

Summary: Continuation of Never Again. Written for The Haven's 155 Word Post-Ep challenge.
Rating: G
Category: V, UST
Spoilers: Never Again.

She remains there, staring at the petal between her fingers. She doesn't want to look at him any longer just now. She guesses he feels the same about her judging from his fascination with the paperwork on his desk. This thing between them is what it is. How ridiculous she feels. And how she hates herself for feeling that way. God knows, she has bigger issues to deal with and she is scared. She might die and that terrifies her, but she is even more terrified of being separated from him. In life, death, whatever, she doesn't want to be apart from him. And yet, at this minute, she can't look at him. She gets up and goes to her area, the petal once more remanded to the surface of his desk. Minutes or maybe hours later she hears him, but she still doesn't look.

"Scully, I'm sorry."

~ End ~

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