By Christine Leigh

Summary: Post-Colonization; written for X-Files Drabbles Fate Challenge.
Rating: G
Category: 176 words.
Spoilers: The Truth.

There are no bells or whistles. None are needed. She knows him, and has faith that with time he will know her. His face is exactly as she remembers it. She had seen it burned away before she lost consciousness, and to see it again whole, brings the first sliver of hope she has experienced since Before.

She remembers little else of what happened that last night, but does recall that they were almost separated. Then it ended. Had they died? She doesn't know the answer, but the question keeps circling in her mind, even though it doesn't matter. A life lived with him is all she ever wanted. He is looking at her more intently now, and for a second she thinks she sees a spark of recognition in his eyes. No; she just wants it to be.

The sky is blue again, and he has come back to her. She wonders why he does not remember instantly, as she did upon seeing him, but knows that he will.

Their hearts have not altered.

~ End ~

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