Heart to Heart
By Christine Leigh

Summary: Valentine's Day 2011. Sixteenth in a series of vignettes centering around Mulder and Will that may also be read as a stand-alone. The series starts approximately two years after the end of the show.
Rating: G
Category: Vignette, AU
Spoilers: None.

February 14, 2011



"Delicious." Lips were being licked and all table manners were off. Not that there's a proper table in sight at the moment. No, the male Mulders are roughing it. Or indoor picnicking it, so Mulder had said as they carried their Valentine's booty down the stairs to the basement. Whatever the label, Will was keeping busy with the fudge frosting on the cupcake before him. Mom had brought these home this afternoon from their favorite bakery. Two apiece, for dessert, she'd said. Well, there's no hope for that now.

"Will Mom be mad?"

"No. Well, she'll feign it, but no."

"This frosting is the best."

"It is. Your mother knows her stuff. Or where to get it, I should say."

"Tom's mom bakes her own cupcakes."

"I'll bet they aren't as good as these."

"They're pretty good. Mom should learn to bake."

"Will, your mother is skilled in a lot of other areas. Bakeries are wonderful places."

"Did she ever bake anything?"

"Not that I recall." Mulder thinks back on all the greasy spoons and the diners and the take-out menus that were always at the ready in either of their apartments back in the old days. Betty Crocker had no place in that world.

"We should bake something for Mom and Kaylene."


"It would be a surprise."

"Will, we have a lot of food. I know your mother has planned a special dinner, and there's that nice big box of See's that grandma sent. I'll bet most people don't see this much chocolate in a year." Mulder turned away and smiled. Will never failed to surprise him. Chef William, one day, perhaps? Mulder switched gears.

"So, did Emma like her rose?" This provoked a blush. Almost imperceptible, but it was there.

"Yes," Will answered, shyly. Emma was his not-really-a-girlfriend-but-very-special-only-female-friend. Mulder and Scully thought they were fascinating to watch together. Or as Mulder said one night as they were trying to sort it out as they were falling asleep, "they're us, Scully, or us if we'd known each other at that age."

"I gave her a card, too."

"With a heart on it?"

A nod. Yes, apparently.

"Buddy, for a not-girlfriend, I'd say Emma's pretty special."

Another nod. Yes seems to be the answer as the sun is drifting toward the horizon. There's a tiny window, and it's getting on in the evening, father and son observe.

"We should clean up, I guess. Your mother said she'd be back by six."

"With dinner."

"I hope so. Can't have a special dinner without the dinner." Mulder looked around. The basement is their hangout. They'd had some good times down here, and more importantly some good conversations. Mulder still looks at his son as a miracle -- something he didn't believe in until Will came along. And time has gone by so fast. He loves both of his children dearly, but Will is special.

"Mom really liked the card I gave her, too."

"She did. And mine -- she liked mine. Hearts all around."

"Heart to heart."

"To heart."

They grinned and went upstairs.

~ End ~

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