Mulder & William


Snowmen (G)
Post-series - Christmas time.
The Bunny Patrol (G)
Post-series - Easter. Scully's favorite bunnies playing on Easter morning.
Little Boo (G)
Post-series - Halloween - Mulder takes Will trick-or-treating.
A Two-Bouquet Mom (G)
Post-series - Father and son shopping for Mother's Day.
Backyard Beach Boys (G)
Post-series - Father and son talking on a summer night.
A List for Scully Jr. (G)
Post-series. Pearls of wisdom from Mulder and William to the soon-to-be newest family member.
Elvery (G)
Post-series - Christmas tree shopping.
Hearts and Stars (G)
Post-series - Valentine-makers at work.
Summertime (G)
Post-series - Conversation upon a summer afternoon.
Five (G)
Post-series - Will turns five.
Pirates, Ties, and Imperfect Circles (G)
Post-series - Father's Day 2007.