Party of Three

Found Fate (G)
Post-ep for Requiem. Scully POV following Mulder's abduction.
Nine Minutes More (PG)
Scully POV.
Small Things (PG)
Scully POV. A look at Scully's emotional state of mind during the three months between This Is Not Happening and DeadAlive.
Of Love (PG)
Post-ep for Existence. Takes place immediately following the end of the episode.
Emergence (PG)
Post-ep for Existence. The new family adjusts to their routine, and plan an outing.
Party of Three (PG)
An important decision is made. Picks up where Emergence ended.
October (PG-13)
Mulder finds something he enjoys doing, and Scully prepares to return to work.
Hooligans (PG)
Mulder and Scully make a decision that could possibly separate them from their loved ones and friends for a very long time.
Fait Accompli (PG)
Circles come full.