~ Pre-Movie Stories ~

12 Scenes of Christmas Past and One of Christmas Future
by ML
All Is Bright (PG)
by Namarie
All Things (Can Be Squeezed Into A Suitcase)
by littlemisfit5290
As Long As We're Together (G)
by Donna
At Night She Dreams of Monsters (PG-13)
by emilyest
Better Left to the Imagination (PG)
by foreverm_s
A Chance To Hold On (PG)
by Mack the Spoon
Choices (PG)
by Seulement Moi
Chorus (Standing)
by suspect affiliations
Closing the Case (PG-13)
by bugs Compass (PG-13)
by Seema
Condoms (NC-17)
by Lolabeegood
Crossroads (PG)
by Mary Hugh
The Curious Assignment of Luck (NC-17)
by Nina
Day Stories
by Lolabeegood
Dear Curious
by Susan
A Dim Capacity for Wings (R)
by Aloysia Virgata
by Susan
Do Your Thing (R)
by Nina
Don't Speak (R)
by ValZ
by Aloysia Virgata
Essential (PG)
by TLynn
Evergreen (PG)
by Mack the Spoon
An Everywhere of Silver (PG-13)
by wendelah1
Feels Like Home (PG)
by Mack the Spoon
For the Weary
by threeguesses
From Roswell to Virginia
by Vickie Moseley
From Roswell to Virginia 2: All Alone in the Wilderness
by Vickie Moseley
Gravity (NC-17)
by Malibu Sunset
Home, Home
by onpaperfirst
I Can't Take You Anywhere (R)
by bugs
If, For Nothing Else (PG)
by scullyseviltwin
If No One Speaks of Remarkable Things (PG)
by rollsofrice
In the Breach (PG-13)
by Frey
in the middle
by Susan
Inhaling The Different Dawn (PG-13)
by Aloysia Virgata
Is There a Doctor in the House? (PG-13)
by bellefleur
by Susan
The Journey Home (PG)
by Ellie
The Keeping of Secrets (PG-13)
LJ   Text
by Amal Nahurriyeh
Keeping Up the Spirit (PG-13)
by Donna
Latine Loqui Coactus Sum (PG-13)
by Aloysia Virgata
Life in Parts (PG)
by simplytoopretty
Life in Stasis (R)
by Innisfree
Lift Up Thine Eyes (PG)
by Ellie
The Lists of Clay (PG-13)
by Scarlet Baldy
Little House in the Woods
by Vickie Moseley
Lucky (NC-17)
by vegawriters
Melusine (PG)
by Ellie
Moments, Rushing Past (PG-13; some R)
by LiLx
Musings of a Sunflower Seed Eating Man (NC-17)
by Andrea
The Mysterious Dr. Scully
by Susan
by Mully Sculder
The Old Familiar Ways (G)
by Christine Leigh
On the Edge
by Susan
The Only Gift (PG-13-R)
by Susan
The Park Bench (PG)
by Dana Hale
Pavlov's Moon (PG)
by Scarlet Baldy
Peach Season (NC-17)
LJ   Text
by Amal Nahurriyeh
Phenomenology (NC-17)
by h0ldthiscat
Picture Perfect
by Vickie Moseley
Porch Sex (NC-17)
by icedteainthebag
Residency (R)
by dashakay
by Susan
Road Markers
by anythingbutgrey
Roof Challenged G-People (PG)
by Scarlet Baldy
Safe (G)
by Miranda
Salvation at a Cost (PG)
by ElizabethAnn
Scanning the Sky (PG-13)
by Rebecka
Si Hoc Legere Potes, Liberaliter Educatus (PG)
by Aloysia Virgata
Six Years Ago Will Stay Beside Them (R)
by veils
Stuck on You (PG-13)
by bellefleur
Take No Chances (PG)
by Tess
There and Back Again (PG)
by Decoyly
There Are Two Things I Will Carry In My Pockets At The End (G)
by Lilprincess8584